Fried eggs with Iberian ham and chopped asparagus La Pepita, Barcelona, Spain

friedeggslapepitaUnlike  in the Unitied States, in Spain eggs are mostly served as a main course and not just for breakfast.  In many restaurants around the country, you’ll find a variety of  choices like the “tortilla”, an omelet made with potatoes and onions or the “huevos a la flamenca”  , baked eggs with vegetables and ham or chorizo.  But one of the most popular options is huevos fritos or huevos rotos – fried eggs.  They have been a staple of Spanish cuisine for centuries, even renowned Spanish painter Diego Velazquez painted  Vieja friendo huevos – Old woman frying eggs  back in 1618, and playwright and poet Lope de Vega mentions this dish in a letter he wrote to the Duque de Sessa around the same time. Also known as huevos estrellados, this dish  is  served almost everywhere in an assortment of variations.  The trick is how they are  fried, which usually happens to be in plenty  of oil allowing  for a crust to form around the egg white while keeping the yolk runny. La Pepita’s are one great choice served with homemade potato chips, thin slices of Iberian ham –  and chopped asparagus for €10. Just make sure you have plenty of bread within reach!

lapepitavitrinaLa  Pepita

Carrer de Córsega 343

08037 Barcelona

Tel 932 38 48 93




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