Red Chile Linguine with Mussels and Saffron Crema Il Piatto – Santa Fe, New Mexico

SFpiatto1Ok, I know you’re probably wondering what on earth is she doing blogging about an Italian restaurant in a  town like Santa Fe. Well, you would be as surprised as I was when I found some interesting dishes at this charming eatery where  Italian and New SFpiatto5Mexican cuisine are married and rather happily!

This is not just any restaurant, it’s a farm to table one. Food comes from  organic farms to ensure the freshest and most wholesome experience, a  dining luxury at a very reasonable price…a true gem in the Santa Fe dining scene.

The atmosphere was perfect, low lighting and tables busy with happy patrons who filled the quaint dining room with lively chatter. Lovely waitress Zina was eager to recommend some very tempting choices but I must say that the star on the menu was the homemade red chile linguine with Prince Edward Island mussels in a light yet velvety saffron cream sauce for $13.79….unbelievable!  Spicy and creamy,  plump meaty musles and perfectly cooked spicy pasta…what else do you want? Of course, a nice bottle of Domaine Brunel Côte du Rhône 2011 for $35!

Also, on this creative menu was the grilled duck breast with mushrooms, marsala and creamy polenta for $27.79… pricey? Yes, maybe! But well worth it, it is duck after all.  Also delicious was the spicy homemade Keyser pork meatballs and spaghetti for $12.79. For desert, the Anjou pear over phyllo dough drizzled with caramel and fresh whipped cream was the perfect way to end our New Mexican-Italian meal! New Mexican Italian, what a concept!



*You have the option of ordering appetizer or entree portions on some of the menu items.


SFpiatto6Il Piatto

95 W Marcy Street
Santa Fé, New Mexico
(505) 984 1091


Oliver’s twist…..on Italian!

honeycombcanelloniXxJamie Oliver’s Italian. So you take a trip to Oxford and wander for a few hours around the beautiful grounds of its prestigious University.  Downtown, you’ll find George street chock full of restaurants and of course Jamie Oliver’s is one of them. No choices need to be made, it’s a given that this guy’s food is bound to be good so off we went to Jamie’s Italian.

High ceilings and rustic brick walls surround a maze of “farmhouse” looking wooden tables that are, of course, packed to the max! We waited a  bit for one to open and soon enough we were granted access to the upstairs area. Right away,  we were seated by a  friendly tie-wearing waitress who explained Oliver’s concept of focusing mainly on fresh locally grown food.

arancinixThe menu was rather large featuring Italian classics but also a lot of interesting sides  served in Oliver’s famous fashion: bold and inventive.  For instance, as an appetizer we ordered the  crispy arancini: risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella and sweet red chillies served over  arrabbiata sauce and Parmesan for £4.95.  Crispy on the outside and bursting with  spicy flavor inside.  For the main course, we had the  honeycomb canelloni 3 ways: aubergine & sundried tomato, pumpkin and ricotta with spinach.  Creamy fillings inside several upright pasta tubes nestled in the shape of a honeycomb with cheesy edges  over  a rich béchamel and tomato sauce for £10.95.

polentachipsxAs a side, I had to try the famous polenta chips with rosemary salt and Parmesan.  Large chunks of polenta crunchy on the outside yet very tender inside, absolutely delightful £3.45.  On the other hand,   the baked chestnut and mushrooms on “music” bread for £5.25, made with smoked mozzarella, was a little disappointing simply because the chestnuts were nowhere to be tasted. The penne carbonara was a nice surprise looking as  good as it tasted. Served with crispy pancetta and wilted leeks with a lemon cream Parmesan sauce, zesty and silky for £10.75.

The wine list consisted mostly of Italian reds and whites, as well as a few Spumantis.  The house wine –Jamie’s Italian wines– are  made with grapes from Sicily and are delivered in eco-friendly Tetra Paks that are decanted at the time of serving. The  Bianco offers a hint of peach, the Rosso a touch of plum and cherry  and the Rossato traces of raspberry and strawberry.  All nicely priced between £4.90 a glass and £17.95 for a bottle.

Another trademark at Oliver’s restaurants are his creative cocktails like the expresso martini, a mix of vodka, Kahlua and expresso for £7.25 or the Rossini made with prosecco and red berry purée for £6.60.  For dessert, the homemade yogurt ice-cream, made with seasonal fruit, was light and refreshing for  £4.90.  The autumn rippled Pavlova  served with cream , limoncello soaked fruit and hazelnut praline for £4.95 was way more creative and, of course, a nice  end to our  delicious” Oliver Twisted” meal.



Jamie’s Italian Oxford

24-26 George Street



Tel 01865 83 83 83

Hours of operation


12 noon to 11pm


12 noon to 10:30 pm