Codfish with basil hummus – La Azotea, Sevilla, Spain

basilhummuscodThe Barrio de Santa Cruz is perhaps the most enigmatic neighborhood in Sevilla. A gorgeous maze of winding streets that fills with tourists all day long and all year long. Bordering the world heritage Giralda, it is bound to fill with hungry visitors at any time of day. Exactly an area I would rather avoid unless there is good reason to visit one of its ever so busy restaurants.  In the case of the Azotea, there was. Highly recommended by Juanma, a good friend from Sevilla, I couldn’t say no and so  I headed there hoping to find something interesting  to eat.

I sat at one of its outdoor tables feeling like one more tourist; hungry and very distracted by all the beauty Sevilla has to offer. It was hot and a tall glass of tinto de verano was in order. I looked through the menu and found an eclectic selection of traditional food and some more unusual dishes like the Bacalao con hummus de albahaca, codfish with basil hummus for €8.00, a braised fillet of flaky cod covered with a light béchamel sprinkled with chopped almonds, all  served over homemade basil hummus.  I knew it had to be good if Juanma had recommended it and,  I have to admit, it was outstanding! 

azoteawaiterLa Azotea

Calle Mateos Gago  8


Tel: 954 215 878