The Lady & Sons – Savannah, Georgia

IMG_4254Inspite of all the crazy controversy about celebrity chef Paula Deen, I had to give her place a try. I know all that stardom and that “yall” can get old, but there’s no denying her southern roots and that alone is enough reason to try her food.IMG_4261

From the outside, this restaurant looks more like a blues bar with its funky neon sign but once you step inside the intriguing charm vanishes. A huge room with generic wood tables and chairs, and a huge hot buffet to the right. For a second I thought I had stepped into a Golden Corral. Nothing against it, but where’s that good old indoor southern comfort? Sure some cute windows with awnings that make it look more like Epcot than Savannah but not quaint by any means. Anyway, I was here for the food.

IMG_4258We were greeted and told to wait a few minutes for our table in a waiting room conveniently located next to a shop selling “ all things Paula”. I stepped in to see what I could find, but nothing really caught my eye except for a cute saltbox for $17, a little expensive. Ten minutes later, we were called up to the third floor.“This place is huge!” I thought. “Just like Disney!”

IMG_4267After taking the elevator up, we sat down to some huge corncakes and cheddar scones that were already on the table and would’ve been enough for a meal, but I had to try something on the menu. Unfortunately, we weren’t off to a good start. As an appetizer, the fried green tomatoes, served with a sweet onion relish, were thick and soggy. The shrimp and grits was swimming in a white wine cream sauce that was bland and soupy.

Fortunately, we had ordered the chicken pot pie. Not only did it look great with its flamboyant puff pastry top, it was absoulutely delicious! At first glance, it seemed enormous and I was afraid it would be heavy just like everything else, but  it was made with a light crust covering a silky white sauce mixture of tender chicken bits and perfectly cooked carrots and peas – divine! Now, what really made the visit to this place worthwhile was the fried chicken. Crispy on the outside and tender and juicy inside, the best I’ve ever had! Marinading it in buttermilk, salt and pepper for 24 hours is the secret to this succulent piece of southern goodness. 

The Lady & SonsIMG_4274

102 West Congress

Savannah, Georgia 31401

Tel: 912 233 2600





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