mignonett4Mignonette, named after the famous oyster sauce, this raw bar and seafood eatery is full of creative surprises.  A genuinely good place to eat fresh fish  in Miami.

A cool combination of  a diner and a European cafe, this charming, yet understated, restaurant caught my eye as I drove down quiet and mostly deserted  2nd avenue. I loved the sound of it – Mignonette, and I’m always  in the mood for seafood so I stopped in to give it a try.mignonette1

As I took a look at the menu, I wondered  why would they offer croissants as an appetizer? Well, because they’re homemade and served warm with a chunky lobster butter and a  scrumptious serving of mango jam for $ 8. These are real buttery  and flaky croissants that melt in your mouth with nothing on them, imagine adding bits of lobster? Delicious! I could’ve had ten of them but I wanted to save room for some other interesting items on the menu. There was a long list of fish choices like red fish, grouper, snapper as well as shrimp, scallops, oysters and clams. They’re sandwich selection includes the traditional Louisiana Po Boy made with chicken, conch or shirimp, as well as other  old time favorites like the lobster roll. A nice assortment of salads and veggies  make for great sides .mignonoett5

Chowing down the delicious croissant got me  in the mood for more lobster, and nothing could satisfy my craving as much as their soup of the day – lobster bisque served with a garnish of Spain’s famous pata negra, a delicious and light touch of saltiness to this  silky bowl of  seafood goodness.

I then ordered the crispy skin snapper that was  fantastic. Served with sweet potato fries seasoned with ancho chile for $23, this large fillet was crispy on the outside and tender and flaky on the inside. I also tried the fried clam Po’ Boy  on a Portuguese roll that came with a nice portion of sautéed rainbow chard, a healthy and delicious side that I picked from the various options.  The clams were crispy and tender, just like the ones I use to have in Rhode Island. So glad to find another great place for seafood in Miami! You’d think we’d have plenty of them, but not really.



210 NE 18th Streetmignonette6

Miami, FL

305 374-4635

Miami, FL 33132




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