Alkalde – Madrid, Spain

chipironesFor over fifty years, Alkalde has been serving some of the best in Basque cuisine to local patrons in elegant  Salamanca neighborhood. Right on calle Jorge Juan, showcasing a  lovely  terrace of traditional linen covered tables and hip Ghost chairs, this eatery holds  a cool combination of classic and modern decor. A sort of keeping up with the times approach that is also reflected in the menu where the main stars are old favorites that have been slightly updated like the chipirones served over a bed of caramelized onions, gently braised baby squid  exquisitely tender and succulent, and of course excellent for bread dipping, something you’ll find yourself doing quite often in Spain.terrace

croquetasThe croquetas de jamón were plentiful delicious morsels of creamy béchamel and tiny bits of ham. And of course we had to order the revuelto de boletus,  scrambled eggs with local mushrooms that have a distinctive nutty punch.  Why would you order scrambled eggs at a restaurant like this? Well, don’t ask and just do it, it’s worth every bite.foie

For the main course, we chose the foie  a la brasa, light and fluffy liver mousse grilled  over quinoa and a touch of pumpkin sauce.  As far as the lamb dish – cordero prensado, I was very surprised when it was served.  lambterrine

Although it resembled a terrine, it was simply pressed  in that shape served with a dressing of gooseberries.As I carved my fork through it, moist and tender flakes of meat fell apart onto a light sauce dotted with tiny diced apples. Another great Spanish delicacy!




Calle  Jorge Juan 10

Madrid, Spain

Tel: 915763359







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