Mandolin Aegean Bistro – Miami’s Design District

doorOnce you pass all the fashionable shops through the ever so trendy Design District, you’ll find  one of the most rustic restaurants in Miami. A true Greek patio filled with feisty eaters who drink, eat and, unfortunately smoke…just like in Greece. If you can get pass that small inconvenience,which by the way is almost unnoticeable thanks to the electric fan system set up to keep patrons cool, you’ll fall in love with this place!

As soon as I walked through the blue wooden door, I new it was my kind of restaurant. Relaxing, fun, casual  and quaint with soft lantern lit tables, lovely grapevines and  blooming bouganvillias every where.  Right away,we got a table and were taken care of by a lovely waitress named Freddie. Even though there is a great selection of wines, including Greek, Italian, German, Spanish and Argentinian, on this warm june night we opted for a glass of  white sangria made with rosewater and  stone ipa beer, citrusy and refreshing for $10.salad2

For starters, I  ordered the Greek salad….the best one I’ve ever tasted! Chunks of locally grown tomatoes and cucumbers, julienned green peppers and red onion wit lovely olives, mild feta cheese, capers and  fresh oregano.  All dressed in a light red wine vinaigrette for $14


As my main course, I ordered the  grilled octopus for $18. Two large and tender servings marinated in red wine, olive oil, Turkish spices and oregano. Great choice! Along with it, I had to try the french fries dressed with  garlic yogurt with a sprinkle of hot paprika,  a fantastic  combination for $9! They should bottle the dressing!


I also tried the grilled lamb chops for $32 . Four robust chops cooked medium rare, served  over fluffly orzo pilaflamb

Of course for a sweet ending to my meal, I reluctantly  chose the Baklava, I just didn’t want anything too sweet or too rich late at night. Surprisingly it was neither.  Fresh thin sheets of phyllo dough drizzled  with a light syrup sprinkled with pistachios, sweet and buttery but by no means cloying. An absolutely delicious ending to a great Greek meal!



Mandolin Aegean Bistro

 4312 2nd Avenue

 Miami, FL 33137

 305 7499140


 Mon-Sat 12-11

 Sun 12-10


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