Jamie Oliver’s Recipease – London, England

recipease3Lots of things to do in England’s capital city but if you ever need a break from the usual sightseeing, palace trekking or pub hopping and would like a great meal in a  fun and relaxing place, I suggest you stop and think Jamie Oliver, a brilliant young chef who has taken the world by storm with his innovative approach to cooking healthy meals.

Recipease is an absolutely delightful eatery right  in the heart of London’s Notting Hill neighborhood.  From the outside, it may look like a shop that sells  a fine assortment of kitchen gadgets and gourmet food, but in the center stands a large table where cooking classes are given all day long. Oliver’s fans wear long aprons while they work diligently on their dish taking in all the techniques that are taught in a casual and entertaining way. Lessons offered to adults and children cover different cuisines that include Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Mexican and Italian. Fees range between £15.00 and £50.00 per lesson. 

recipeaseUpstairs, you’ll find another cooking station surrounded by comfy seating and dining tables where you can  try some of the great items on the menu like the oven roasted lamb wrap for £8.95: a soft tortilla covered with tender shredded lamb, homemade hummus, chilli, garlic, mushrooms, toasted pine nuts, pomegranate seeds & fresh mint, all in a creamy mint& yogurt dressing. Meaty and crunchy, simply divine! 

Other choices include the £6.95 mini burger on the children’s menu that was anything but mini, moist and delicious.  A favorite was the three hour roasted pork belly sandwich for £6.95,  both juicy and crispy served with apple sauce and lettuce on a ciabatta roll. A nice wine list displayed a good assortment of mostly Italian reds and whites, between £3.95 and £11.99 a glass. Also, cocktails served over ice in jam jars included a £6.50 daring pisco sour made with pineapple juice and the signature Recipease gin drink made with elderflower, lemon and mint for £7.00

recipease2 Price Range: £4.00 to £12.00


92-94 Notting Hill Gate W11 3QB

Opening hours Mon – Sat   8am – 9pm

Sunday   9am – 9pm

See more at: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipease


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